Friday, August 29, 2008

More about me and Second Life

I entered my Second Life in February of 2004. I learned about it from the online game Myst / Uru. That game was discontinued and a number of the individuals involved with it migrated to Second Life. There I joined them and I soon became involved in helping to build a recreation of parts of Uru on Telador Isle. My name in Uru was N'ber. I chose Nber for my name in Second Life to be consistent. I have chosen to pronounce Nber as if it were NEVER with a B.

Now I live in the United Sailing Sims of Second Life, a 126 (maybe more) sim continent that is devoted to the nautical lifestyle. MarkTwain White (MTW) and I jointly own a number of sims in the USS-SL, but my home is the Union Passage Sim. Second Life is the first (and for now only) virtual world that I have been involved in (I really don't consider Myst / Uru a true virtual world). In Second Life I can do things that I could never do in RL. I am very involved in the sailing community and the golf community.