Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A stroll down memory lane....

Jane Fossett posted an article on SLSailing.com about me (Art and Architecture of the Medici - header of the article is Monday dockside). I want to thank Jane for the article and it caused me to do a stroll down my SL memory Lane. FYI, I was "born" into SL in February of 2004. My first passion in Second Life and the reason that I joined was to help build a reconstruction of Myst Online. Fairly soon after I joined SL and found the group, I was asked to help build the reconstruction of parts of that fantasy online world on Telador Isle. Woody Blair and Rizpah Galatea taught me how to build. The picture here is from those days... I am the avatar in the red dress and MTW is sitting to my left. He appears to have not changed much from those old days. I'm not exactly sure of the date of this picture...but I believe it is in early 2005.

My passion for building meshed with my interest in Frank Lloyd Wright to lead me to do a build of Fallingwater and another of the Allen Lambe house (a much less famous FLW build). My version of Fallingwater was orginally on my property in Hooper as was my version of the Allen Lambe house. When MTW and I became partners in Hollywood, I moved Fallingwater to Hollywood (approximately where the Holly Kai Golf Club is now). The Allen Lambe House was then built on my property in Hooper which I have now sold.

NOW for something you might have more interest in... and that would be photos from old sailing events. Including ONE which actually has MTW SAILING!! Yes it is true. This photo is September of 2005... it was probably one of the very early SYC Regattas. I believe that I am flying over the end of the startline. The building behind the boats on the right was the original SYC clubhouse. Some of you may remember it. The building to its left is the Admiral's Daughter Pub. In the sky on the far right side of this picture, you can see the floating MarkTwain Manor. I have rebuilt this and it is now our home in Union Passage. I have more pictures that I will post here as I have time.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Nuking" in Santa Rosa

Yesterday evening in Santa Rosa sim, a "nuking" party took place. MarkTwain and I had determined that the small island in Santa Rosa was hampering starts at the new SYC startline. Santa Rosa Island tenant Rikk Lovell moved to Santa Cruz sim. With an empty island and a suitcase nuclear bomb the rest is history. Read the full story here.

A fun... although radioactive... time was had by all. Thanks to Delinda for taking some snaps.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Trudeau Twenty

I started sailing in Second Life (as many many others have) in the venerable Flying Tako. I loved that boat and loved even more the Wee Tiny Tako. Since then I have tried out almost every boat that has come on the scene and have enjoyed most of them. But none has captured my heart like the Trudeau Twenty. The picture to the right was taken after an informal series of races that we held at Starboards Yacht Club on Sunday night (September 14th). It was a wild and wacky ride as folks were trying to learn how to sail a new boat. We decided that it might be fun to have a race in which you had to sail BACKWARDS to win. I think that this might be a fun thing to think about but I don't want to encourage bad sailing habits. I like the Fizz, I still love my Wee Tiny Tako, but my heart is being stolen. Kudos to Jacqueline Trudeau!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

9/11 Memorial in Second Life

On September 11th there was a memorial service in Second Life. The names of all of those that died that fateful day were read. This is the memorial to the first responders that was unveiled after that service.

The text on the relief reads "Dedicated To Those That Fell and To Those Who Carry On....May We Never Forget".

If you want to visit the memorial inside Second Life, use the SLURL here.

None of us will forget Sept 11th, 2001.

Machinima in SL

I am very slowly dipping my toes into the world of machinima - making videos in Second Life. Someone who is teaching me and showing me the way is MarkTwain White. You can see his latest YouTube video HERE.

I would encourage you to subscribe to his YouTube Channel....and please rate!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Art in the Garden - Bob Gates Photography

I would like to invite you to the third in a series of art exhibits in the lovely Holly Kai Garden in the Holly Kai Estates sim.

Photographs with a Nautical Theme
Bob Gates Photography
August 23 through September 6
Celebration with the artist and music by Bara Johnson
Saturday September 6th from 1:00 to 1:30 pm SLT

Holly Kai Estates is part of the United Sailing Sims of SL, a group of 126 connected sims with extensive water area supporting the sailing lifestyle. Part of Holly Kai Golf Club's nine-hole Shore Course surrounds the Holly Kai Garden.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

SLim Announced at the Virtual Worlds Expo

This came across the wire... this COULD be cool or it could ruin my day job. Go here.

To Golf or Not to Golf: That is the Question

A bit of "drama" is playing out in the Holly Kai Golf Club in Second Life. MTW is considering abandoning golf in light of the reaction of some players to the changes in the Points Competition. Stay tuned for an update of what he decides to do. I am personally torn on the decision, as I know that he is. The bottom line is that if you hate to log on because you know you will have to face a new "crisis" or if you hate to log in to the Golf Forum because you don't want to have to read what someone has said - then it might be time to do something else. It is too bad....because GOLF is fun. "sigh"

Whatever MTW decides to do though... I'll be in his corner!

Friday, August 29, 2008

More about me and Second Life

I entered my Second Life in February of 2004. I learned about it from the online game Myst / Uru. That game was discontinued and a number of the individuals involved with it migrated to Second Life. There I joined them and I soon became involved in helping to build a recreation of parts of Uru on Telador Isle. My name in Uru was N'ber. I chose Nber for my name in Second Life to be consistent. I have chosen to pronounce Nber as if it were NEVER with a B.

Now I live in the United Sailing Sims of Second Life, a 126 (maybe more) sim continent that is devoted to the nautical lifestyle. MarkTwain White (MTW) and I jointly own a number of sims in the USS-SL, but my home is the Union Passage Sim. Second Life is the first (and for now only) virtual world that I have been involved in (I really don't consider Myst / Uru a true virtual world). In Second Life I can do things that I could never do in RL. I am very involved in the sailing community and the golf community.