Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Trudeau Twenty

I started sailing in Second Life (as many many others have) in the venerable Flying Tako. I loved that boat and loved even more the Wee Tiny Tako. Since then I have tried out almost every boat that has come on the scene and have enjoyed most of them. But none has captured my heart like the Trudeau Twenty. The picture to the right was taken after an informal series of races that we held at Starboards Yacht Club on Sunday night (September 14th). It was a wild and wacky ride as folks were trying to learn how to sail a new boat. We decided that it might be fun to have a race in which you had to sail BACKWARDS to win. I think that this might be a fun thing to think about but I don't want to encourage bad sailing habits. I like the Fizz, I still love my Wee Tiny Tako, but my heart is being stolen. Kudos to Jacqueline Trudeau!!

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