Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day Gift

Because of some RL commitments, I had to miss a GREAT party at Union Passage on Valentine's Day. Chad, Aislin, and Mark carried on and made sure that the 40+ people who came had a great time. Thanks!

When I finally was able to log in to Second Life, MTW and I went to OUR hill in Hollywood. Mark gave me the most wonderful gift: he had commissioned a song especially for me. Listen to it here. Thank you so very much.

Black Monday, the USS, and the Blake Sea

On Monday October 27th, MarkTwain White and I were relaxing in Union Passage when an old friend, Chase Speculaas, sent us an IM asking how the new OS Policy from Linden Labs would impact us. We had not yet seen the blog post and immediately went to the LL Blog to read. After digesting the news, I felt sick to my stomach. My initial reaction,to be honest, was to just abandon the vast majority of my sims and move the remainder away from the USS-SL. It felt as if Linden Lab had kicked me in the stomach. THEN on November 11th, I was walking in the Garden in Holly Kai Estates admiring the art exhibit, when out of the blue I got a "ping" from Jack Linden. After some short pleasantries he indicated that he had been thinking a lot about all things sailing related, and thought that would be good to get MarkTwain and me together for a chat. He had some ideas to bounce off of us. A LOT has happened since then. Today (Feb 17th, 2009) I am standing on the bluff in Union Passage Sim overlooking the BLAKE SEA. Water as far as I can see!

It has been a long and sometimes unpleasant process. Tempers have flared and we have had to work hard to keep the process moving forward. But now we see at least a part of the results of the community effort. The USS-SL (United Sailing Sims) have been relocated around an open expanse of Linden owned water named the Blake Sea.