Tuesday, August 26, 2014

ChippenSail Video for Sail for Life!

Feel free to fast forward to the avatar of your dreams.  

June 21st, 2014
ChippenSail, a benefit for Sail for Life/Relay for Life of Second Life
(Fast forward to the gentleman of your dreams.)

1:22  Mr B (David Wetherby)
2:18  Chaos Mandelbrot
3:17  "Dutch" Kain Xenobuilder
4:22  Forrest Gibbs
5:10  Fred Uralia
6:40  Greythistle Twine
8:37  Justin
10:37 "Mr. Nibs" Nibor Shoreland
12:31 "Little Wolf" Wolfhard
13:22 Yaz Launim

Note:  I don't have access to Benny's library of music, so had to use my own music (which I have full permissions to use for this purpose).