Wednesday, September 3, 2008

To Golf or Not to Golf: That is the Question

A bit of "drama" is playing out in the Holly Kai Golf Club in Second Life. MTW is considering abandoning golf in light of the reaction of some players to the changes in the Points Competition. Stay tuned for an update of what he decides to do. I am personally torn on the decision, as I know that he is. The bottom line is that if you hate to log on because you know you will have to face a new "crisis" or if you hate to log in to the Golf Forum because you don't want to have to read what someone has said - then it might be time to do something else. It is too bad....because GOLF is fun. "sigh"

Whatever MTW decides to do though... I'll be in his corner!

1 comment:

Nber Medici said...

Well it looks as if golf will stay around! At least for the time being.