Friday, June 4, 2010

June 6, 1944 - Invasion of Normandy

In preparation for selling my mother's home, I have been combing through it looking for things that needed to be saved.  Recently I came across a small gem.  It is a small U.S. Government issue notebook in which my father recorded important events in his WWII US Navy service.  As I was thinking of the upcoming anniversary of the invasion of Normandy, I started to wonder what HE was doing on the other side of the world at the time of the invasion.  His initial records in his log book read:

  • April 28 1944 - Left San Francisco Calif.
  • May 5 - Crossed Equator
  • May 9 - Crossed Date Line
  • May 13 - arrive Noumea New Caladonia (sic)
  • May 31 Frichshaven
  • June 10 - Left Frichshaven - assigned LCI-28
If you don't know what a Landing Craft Infantry (LCI) is, take a look here at the USS Landing Craft site.  

ARMY.MIL provides an excellent overview of D-Day,

On June 6, I will take some time to stop and remember.


Bea Woodget said...

Thank you Nber. The beaches of Normandy preserve that memory forever, and their visit is poignant. All those who are "past" by there have contributed to peace in Europe ... deep respect, a silent thought with you.

MarkTwain White said...

That notebook you found is a treasure! My dad served in the South Pacific during WWII, including at Peleliu and Angar. He is gone now. Man would I LOVE to find such a notebook in his estate.